Have you see the new reality TV show “What Would You Do?”  It reenacts everyday situations to see now people will handle them.  Will they say something to someone or do the right thing?

I have taken a few days to get away in Glen Rose, TX.  To think, pray, read and write.  It has been an incredible few days.  This morning I worked, showered, got dressed and ran into town to Subway for breakfast.  When I went into the store, I had $58 in my pocket.  I paid for my food and headed back to the retreat.  Around lunch time, I realized I was missing $40.  So I began retracing everything I had done, which by the way, did not take long since the only places I had been were outside on the patio overlooking the Brazos River and to Subway.  I check the floor of my room and my car, nothing.  So I called Subway just to see if they found anything.  The lady on the phone said no and she was sorry I had lost the money.  So I kept looking.  A couple minutes later Subway called back and said, she was talking with the manager and they had found my money.  When I went into get my $40 the manager said a lady saw the money laying on the counter in front of the register and pointed it out.

We all know people who we think they have strong character, but do they.  I am not saying they do not.  I am suggesting maybe we can not be so sure.  It is easy to be a person of great character when people are watching.  When everyone can see it is easy to make the right choice.  Character is defined by what people do not see.  Character is the decisions and the choices you make when no one else can see.  In 2 Peter 1:5, Peter tells the Christians they are to make every effort to grow in virtue (ESV) or goodness (NIV) For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue.  The virtue or goodness Peter is referring to moral character.  Are you growing in character and morality?  We should constantly be striving to do right, to make the right choices, not just when people are watching but when no one knows.  Your character is defined by the decisions you make when no one else knows.  You are the only one who knows if you are truly growing in this area.

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