I find it funny, when we begin talking about fasting most adults assume it is impossible.  You begin to hear excuses like.  Most adults will scoff at the idea of fasting from a meal, especially multiple meals.  Not students though.

This past weekend our students committed to fast for 30 hours to help raise money for the Johnson County Christian Lodge.  It is a homeless shelter in our community that is committed to helping people get off the streets, find a job, build some income and get into a place of their own.  It is a wonderful ministry.  We spent Friday night sleeping on cardboard boxes in our benevolence center, an old glass warehouse in downtown Cleburne.  We woke up bright and early Saturday morning and went to work with Christmas in Action, working on two houses until 1 PM.  We went back to the church and did some landscape work.  Then we finished our day at the lodge serving dinner and playing some basketball with a few of the men and women at the shelter.  Over all, it was an awesome weekend.  Our students worked so hard.  The reason we worked on two houses is that we finished all they had for us on the first house within an hour.

Our Students asked people to sponsor them for the fast, donating money for every hour they went without food.  Our students raised just over $2,400 which we will present to the Christian Lodge one week from Wednesday night.  I am always proud of our students but this weekend even more so.  This weekend the truly were the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

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